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The worlds first and only National Association for Show Style Bands.

"Lights, Camera, SHOW TIME!"




To build a network of middle school, high School and College Band programs that can continue the growth and success of HBCU show bands.  Marching show bands instill principals that can be used in life and are essential to success in any musical or professional settings.  Dedication, loyalty and hard work are just a few of the life principals that you will receive from participating in a show and competition band.  Marching band can be a well-balanced comprehensive display of talent and athleticism.




NSBA believes that marching band must be educationally based and built to enhance music programs at all levels around the world.  NSBA will establish a uniform critique to help directors and students continue to learn and grow their band programs.


Marching Show Band competitions can be a great educational tool for enhancing musicianship, discipline, fellowship, and character to any student or director.


Show bands are more than just your average marching band and you have to see it to understand what I am talking about.  The NSBA was created with a vision to join all middle school, high school, and college Show bands together as well as give post college graduates a program that they can join to continue their marching careers.  NSBA is not a social  network but does partner with show band networks such as and


NSBA is an overall Association that multiple moving parts that will assist in preserving the history and cultivating the future of show style marching bands through promotions, competitions, scholarships, conferences, seminars, museums, camps, awards shows, etc.


NSBA sets the standard of EXCELLENCE in everything that we do so join the NSBA TODAY.


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Walter C. Williams Jr.


Darius Austin

VP of Administration

Shelia B. Williams

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