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Why register with the NSBA?


  • Be Nationally recognized as a show band and band director (whether competing or not)

  • Major Competitions in over 10 states leading to a National championship.

  • Monetary prizes for winning band programs given in each state.

  • Scholarships for a graduating senior in every winning band program.

  • College scholarship links with college programs across the U.S.

  • Assistance with college band auditions (scales, rudiments, etc.)

  • Well organized festival with a welcoming and helpful staff.

  • HBCU Band Performance at each High School Competition!

  • Exciting environment that focuses on student success. 

  • Judges from Collegiate Bands, Performance Bands, and the best Show Marching Band Directors in the nation.

  • High Quality video provided by our media team.

  • Photography by Rephlektive Shots on hand to take amazing pictures of the event.

  • Did I mention the Scholarships available!!!

  • Band branding available (website, uniform, social media, etc.)

  • Leadership seminars taught to Drum Majors and Band Directors from across the country

  • Summer Leadership programs and camps available

  • National publicity for participating band programs

  • National ranking for band programs



Page Membership


As a NSBA page member you will be able to get exclusive access to extra pages such as scholarships, seminars and trainings, perks and discounts, competition schedules, and our photo gallery.  As a NSBA page member you will get access to new information that comes available first before it openly hits the website.  Page membership is as easy as 1,2,3.


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