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1.    What is the NSBA?  The NSBA is a professional marching association that will link all high school and college show bands together and assist in the growth and development of the show style bands.  We are growing a community that fosters musicianship and scholarship in everything that we do.  Our Network stretches across the entire U.S. and continues to expand each and every day.


2.    Why choose the NSBA? The NSBA is the only professional marching band organization that is dedicated to preserving the history and enhancing the future of the show style marching bands through recognition programs, scholarships, partnerships, and networking.


3.    Can I join the NSBA if I did not march in a Show BAND? Yes, the NSBA has thousands of supporters who have never marching in a show band but love what it stands for and the commitment that it takes.  You can click here to join as a Alumni/Supporter.


4.    Is the NSBA a competition? NO, The NSBA is an Association that hosts, promotes, and supports competitions?


5.    What will be different about a NSBA hosted completion? NSBA will hold it competitions to a very high standard of excellence which will allow the participants to enjoy the experience at State, Region, and National levels.  NSBA will partner with multiple corporate partners to continue to enhance the experience.  Each event promises to be "one to remember" each and every time.


6.    Is there a fee to join the NSBA? YES, there is a small fee to be a part of the NSBA which starts at just $5.00 per month. The main fee to join NSBA is your 100% support of the website, facebook, instagram, and twitter paged.  With your support this allows us to keep monetary costs to a minimum.  We are growing a strong network so the more activity we have the better chances that we have to do that. 


7.    Who can take advantage of the NSBA discount partners?  Our partners are set up so that anyone can take advantage of the partnerships that the NSBA is setting up for its members.  You will need to register to get access to all the partners and discounts.


8.    Can I volunteer with the NSBA? YES, The NSBA is always looking for students, parents, directors, and supporters to help us building this and take it world wide.  Please contact to inquire about volunteering.


9.    Will the NSBA have more competitions?  NSBA looks to promote middle school, high school, college and post college competitions all across the U.S. so to answer the question YES we will continue to host competitions to give directors and students opportunities to showcase their talents as well as win scholarships for their performances.

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